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NAILS, Inc has been proud to partner with Verizon in both the Telecommunications and Business Groups in order to recycle batteries according to current EPA guidelines since 2010.  We currently provide full logistical support and services throughout the United States, as well as financial asset recovery.

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How do I create an ADR?

You need to log on to VTRADR: using your SSO log in username and password.  Then you will have to choose which group in Verizon, VZB for Verizon Business or VZT for Verizon Telecommunications.  If you choose VZT, you will have to select is a second time.  In the right navigation panel there should be a link to follow the gives step by step directions for creating and submitting an ADR for battery disposal.

What does my ADR status mean?

If your ADR has no status, you have not added any line items.  If your status is OR (Originating Request) then you have items on your ADR but have not yet submitted it for approval.  If the status is IR (Investment Recovery) then you have submitted your ADR and it is awaiting approval from Investment Recovery.  If the status is NAILS, then your ADR has been approved and sent to NAILS for processing.  If you haven't heard from us we should be contacting you shortly.

What kind of ADR can I create?

There are four main types of battery ADRs: Green Box, Blue Barrel Order, Blue Barrel Pick-up, and Battery Pick-up.

What can I put in my Green Box or Blue Barrel?

The Blue Barrels are solely used to recycle alkaline batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, and 9v).  The Green Boxes can be used to recycle all types of batteries, including alkaline, lead-acid, lithium-ion, nickel-metal hydrides, nickel-cadmium, etc.  In some locations your Green Box may say Non-Alkaline on it.  This means your location also has a Blue Barrel for recycling alkaline batteries.

What is the difference in Green Box ADRs?

If you have never had a Green Box at your location before, the first ADR is for an initial Green Box, which just indicates that the box is shipping to a new address.  Swap Green Box is the ADR to create if you want to order more Green Boxes for your location.

Why are there different Blue Barrel ADRs?

There are two different kinds of Blue Barrel ADRs.  Blue Barrel or Blue Barrel Swap is for ordering new empty Blue Barrels to be shipped to your location.  Blue Barrel Pick-up is for requesting a pick-up of full Blue Barrels in order for the batteries to be recycled.  They are separated into different ADRs so that you do not have to wait and fill up every Blue Barrel before you request a pick-up.